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Anton Ivanov
our December 2022 Student of the Month.

Congratulations, Anton!

“Hi everybody. I ‘m Antony. If you are reading this message right now, you are at the right time and in the proper place.

I have been serving my respective clients as a practicing litigator, legal advisor and a criminal lawyer for more than 20 years. My intent is not to testify about my career, considering that I almost never was experienced in Legal English as a lawyer. But as one of our professors said: “Change the facts, change the law”. That’s why I’m here.

I totally distribute my title to the Pericles community, Marian in particular, and my classmates. Every minute with you is worth that time.

You inspired me to be diligent, open minded and grateful for discovering new legal hangups and approaches that we’ve learned here.

Thank you all, take care!”

Anton Ivanov


Anton is one of the biggest supporters and active members of the Pericles community. He is a very social person that comes to all our events and never misses an opportunity to attend classes in-person, while encouraging his classmates to do the same. Anton performed really well in the recent Change Leadership for Lawyers course, and is a good student overall.

Congratulations, Anton! Keep up the great work!