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Nina Shibalkina
our December 2021 Student of the Month.

Congratulations, Nina!

"My name is Nina Shibalkina. I’m very glad and surprised that I was chosen as the student of the month. It is a big honor for me.
I graduated the Kutafin Moscow State Law University in 2009.
I started working during my studies at the age of 19, and by the time I graduated, I became the director of the legal department of a group of private shareholders.
My main areas of legal practice are M&A and corporate law. In April 2021 I established my own consulting company Apexcom.
I started my education in Pericles in September 2021 under the program Approaching Legal English. My first year of study the LL.M program starts in January 2022.
From the first days of my study at Pericles, I realized how useful this study is and is applicable to work.
In the process of study I want to gain knowledge for the conduct of international projects.
I am very happy to have the opportunity to study at Pericles.”

Nina Shibalkina

We chose Nina as our student of the month because she exemplifies the persistence that we like to see in LL.M. students.  Nina applied for our LL.M. program last year but didn’t do so well on the entrance exam.  This fall she took Pericles’ Approaching Legal English course with Professor Cannon and studied her English like crazy.  Instead of taking the next step of our regular Legal English course, as most students do, Nina decided to try again right away.  She took the exam again in December and raised her score by an amazing 27 points over her August score!  Way to go, Nina!   We hope to see great things of her in the coming years of her LL.M. program.