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Anastasia Svishcheva is
our December 2006 Student of the Month



Anastasia Svishcheva :

Anastasia Svishcheva was chosen as our student of the month for December because of her admission to the Ph.D program in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Emory University on full scholarship!  Nastya studied for the GRE at Pericles and obviously did very well, as her admission attests.

Anastasia Svishcheva was educated at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia, and Moscow State Mining University, Russia. She holds a honorary Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from MSMU, a honorary Master’s degree in Computer Science from MSMU, and a honorary Master’s degree in Mathematics from MSU.

From 1998 to 2000, she participated in research in the applied mathematics in Moscow State Mining University.  In 1999 she presented a research paper, written with coauthors V. Goryunov, L. Pevsner, R. Hayrullin, “The Design System for Controlled Movement of Mining Engineering Equipment” in international seminar “Modern Technologies in Control, Automatics and Information Processing” in Alushta, Ukraine.  Then from September, 2002, to May, 2005, Nastya served as a senior instructor of Department of Higher Mathematics for Moscow State Mining University, Russia.  In 2005, she was promoted to the position of senior lecturer at this university.

But Nastya had dreams of pursuing her education abroad, and Emory was interested.  Emory University, located in the southern US city of Atlanta, Georgia, is considered the premier educational institution of that region and has world renowned programs in mathematics and sciences.  In addition, Emory awards scholarships for tuition and living expenses each year to top scholars from around the world.  It’s clear why Nastya wanted to go there.  She worked hard to prepare for the GRE exam and to complete her application, and was successful.  Now Nastya receives a full scholarship from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences of Emory University. 

Congratulations Nastya!  We wish you every success in your studies and future career.