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Aaron Smith
Student of the Month
December 2002

GMAT score: 690

Nominating Aaron Smith our student of the month for December, we celebrate the truly international nature of our students. Something that was unheard of a mere decade ago is happening today. Namely, Aaron Smith, a former member of the US Armed Forces attended a Moscow-based GMAT prep course alongside Russian students desiring Western higher education. While attending the US Army ROTC program, Aaron started his studentship at the Valley Forge Military Junior College. In 1991 Aaron completed his studies at American University in Washington DC, majoring in International Studies with a focus on Soviet Politics.

Soviet Politics as a field of study soon became obsolete, but Aaron's great interest in Eastern Europe remained. In these circumstances Aaron decided to obtain an MBA degree concentrating on the sphere of mergers and acquisitions in Eastern Europe. Today, with a GMAT score of 690, Aaron's career aspirations are well under way; and we were proud when Aaron told us that Pericles played a very important role in the process of his studying for the GMAT.

Aaron has already submitted his applications to Wharton, Columbia, Chicago, Kellogg, and NYU Stern business schools. He has also applied for student loans and scholarships to help him pay for his education. Despite being the Head of Representation for the leading producer of barcode printing solutions, Zebra Technologies, Aaron Smith understands the importance of saving money for the post-graduate times to give him some leeway in searching for a job of his dreams.

Aaron, you have worked very hard and your GMAT score is a well-earned reward. Let Pericles wish you all the best in getting accepted to the school of your choice and in finding a good job you truly deserve after graduation. And if you ever need professional help or simply friendly advice we will always be there to assist you every step of your way.