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Everyone who visited the Access MBA, QS World MBA Tour and fair in fall, 2012 had a chance to take part in the GMAT Prep raffle, arranged by Pericles.

Today we are happy to present Maria Obolentseva our raffle winner, who is entitled to take a free prep course on GMAT at Pericles.

Maria Obolentseva

Our Latest Raffle Winner!

Maria is entitled to a free GMAT Prep course at Pericles

' Being an employee of American company "Mead Johnson Nutrition" in Marketing Department, I have gained a valuable experience and have identified the willingness to enhance my knowledge in this sphere. Thus, I would like to obtain additional education in the US and considered the opportunity of becoming a student.
   As of the moment I am working in business development for "Russkaya Moda" (new project launch: "Raketa" watches brand and "Marina Tsoy" jewelery brand).
   I am interested in project management and I guess that having this course will become a part of enterprise with a great influence on personal and professional development.'

Maria Obolentseva

Welcome to Pericles, Maria!