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Aida Tokranova
our November 2021 Student of the Month.

Congratulations, Aida!

"Hello, my name is Aida Tokranova. I work as a lawyer in a brokerage company. I graduated from Kazan State University and also got a master's degree at Higher School of Economics (Corporate lawyer Master program). It is a big honor for me to be chosen as a student of the month during my first year studying the LL.M program at Pericles. I am very glad to be a part of the program because it provides the experience of studying in accordance with international standards, and helps to expand educational horizons. I see that it is not only about knowledge in some areas of American law but also about soft skills, such as listening to classmates (or contractors if we talk about real life examples), participating in discussions, complying with best standards of drafting documents and extending the professional network. Studying foreign law also helps to better understand Russian legislation and to practice it more deeply. I can fully recommend the program to every lawyer, even those who do not work specifically with foreign law.”

Aida Tokranova

We are all happy for you Aida! Keep up the good work and studies!

We chose Aida, not only for her great grades and cheery attitude, but because she worked this semester as a Teacher Assistant (TA) for Professor Amy Kouznetsova and did a wonderful job. Being a TA involves helping an assigned professor with the technical issues for a class, such as putting materials on Moodle, running breakout rooms or sharing screens in online classes, and helping to set up the classroom equipment in live ones. It's a great way to get a small discount on tuition costs, but also to get to know a professor more personally and get an inside look at how the educational process works. Professor Kouznetsova said that Aida was an extraordinary TA and was really an asset to have in class.