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Yuriy Klyuchnikov

Yuriy Klyuchnikov

Student of the Month for November 2009

Pericles LL.M Straight A Student!



Succeeding in an American law school takes dedication, focus, and, most importantly, a capacity for hard work.  To see these three traits exhibited in one person is truly rare, and that is why Pericles is especially proud to announce that our November student of the month is Yuriy Klyuchnikov:  someone with all three of these traits in abundance.

One reason for Yuriy’s success at Pericles is certainly his extensive educational background, which prepared him well for the rigors of our program.  In addition to being a 1997 cum laude graduate of MGIMO’s International Law Faculty, Yuriy has undertaken post-graduate study at MGUAand obtained a Ph.D. in International Law.  He has also spent  time at the front of the classroom, having created and lectured the International Banking Law course at the University for International Law and Economics.  And when not studying law, Yuriy, a fluent speaker of both English and Spanish, is a keen student of languages. 

Yuriy’s professional experience is equally impressive.  He began his career at the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, where he worked as a Senior Expert cooperating with foreign Central banks and the Russian offices of foreign banks.  In this capacity, he drafted agreements with Central banks and oversaw the opening and closing of foreign banks’ Russian offices.  He was also central to the process of drafting cooperation agreements with the national banks of Mexico, Luxembourg, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

Following his Central Bank experience, Yuriy transitioned into a position as a Senior Legal Advisor for the International Law Section of Sberbank’s Legal Department.  There his responsibilities required his involvement with a wide range of legal issues related to international economics, such as currency regulation and control, export financing, syndicated loans, bank guarantees, and international commercial arbitration.  Yuriy then segued in 2002 into his current position as Deputy Director of the Legal Department at Sberbank’s Srednerusskiy Bank.  There he  manages 22 attorneys in the areas of contract law, litigation, and other spheres related to banking activities.  Yuriy is also responsible for all of his department’s international law work.  Furthermore, he coordinates with the legal sections of Sberbank’s branches outside Moscow and is a member of the bank’s numerous Committees.

Going forward, Yuriy would like to focus on sophisticated international legal work either within a company or at a law firm.  We wish him every success, and we are confident he will achieve this objective in the same way he has achieved all of his others.

Congratulations, Yuriy Klyuchnikov!