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Nastya Snitkova

Anastasia Snitkova


Student of the Month for November 2008

Our new student of the month is Anastasia Snitkova.

Nastya joined the Pericles family to study TOEFL when she was preparing to go to the U.S. for a semester's legal training after winning a grant from the Sturm College of Law, University of Denver. We chose Nastya as our student of the month because of her success at Sturm, and her ambition to get a J.D.

Nastya graduated from the Lomonosov Law Faculty, MSU, in 2006, with a specialty in Jurisprudence. Not satisfied with being a simple Jurist, she immediately took the qualifying exams for post-graduate program, and is now studying for a Candidate of Legal Sciences degree. The subject of her research is Guaranteeing the Realization of Constitutional Rights and Freedoms by Ombudsmen.

Putting her dissertation topic into practice, Nastya is also working as Specialist-Expert in the Moscow office of the State Human Rights Commissioner.

When Nastya's University of Denver grant expires in January, she will return to Moscow to defend her Candidate dissertation and continue her work. However, Nastya has gotten a taste of Western legal education and become attracted to the style of learning in Western. She plans are to return to the U.S. to acquire a J.D. degree at the University of Denver after successfully defending her dissertation.

A J.D. or Juris Doctor, in the US is a three year program, and is a difficult road ahead for a Russian law student. Not only is admission to such programs very competitive, absolutely no allowance is made for Nastya's being a foreign student. She will be expected to recite cases and write along with all the native speakers in her class.

We are impressed and proud of Nastya's success and ambition, and glad that Pericles helped her to achieve her goals.

Good luck Nastya, in successfully completing your semester and in gaining admission to the Sturm J.D. program.