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Artem Pirogov
Student of the Month

November 2003

Scored 700!!! on the GMAT and is now a member of our 600 Club

Artem's student profile reads like that of an Academician. He attended one of the three elite Russian high schools after winning the #2 spot at the physics olympiad, a competiton that high-achieving Russian high school students take. After this feat, Artem attended the Ulianovsk branch of Moscow State University and won a scholarship to study business administration at Oklahoma City University. Artem earned his B.S. in 1997 and returned to Russia to complete his undergraduate degree. In 2001, he earned a Ph.D. in Finance from Moscow State University.

Now isn't that an achievement? But Artem didin't stop there. He joined Pericles' GMAT preparation course, and when he went in last November for the exam, he score a 700. He says his high score was made possible thanks to Pericles, whose course "helped me a lot to do well in the exam." unfortunately, Artem was turned down last year by Columbia and Wharton, the two business schools he applied to last year. THis year, he plans to re-apply and is confident the high score of 700 and an extra year of experience will give him the edge he needs for a successful application.

You would expect that such a high achiever like Artem will be a bit distant... But that's only if you haven't met the man. Artem is a pleasant and forthcoming young professional, always eager to help or answer questions. On our request to talk a bit about his current professional life, he revealed that his was presently a deputy head of investment relations at Yukos, the biggest oil company in Russia. His activities at the oil major echo his path as a student. He has been part of the drive to modernize the comapny, a move that has led to an appreciation of the share price from below a dollar in 1999 to more than $10 today. The company has also led the pack in Russia in adopting international accounting and business practices. The whole effort has made Artem's current employer the biggest Russian company, and placed it on the list of the biggest oil companies in the world, alongside such giants as ChevronTexaco and ExxonMobil.

As we've already mentioned, Artem plans to re-apply to B-school this year. His plans are to earn an MBA from a reputable school and continue his wrilwind career. As far as Pericles' contribution in achieving his plans, Artem knows that we are always ready to lend a hand and provide crucial advice to our former students. That's why he keeps coming to visit, attend events, or to simply talk at Pericles with his old teachers.