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Michael Slavkov
Student of the Month
November 2002

GMAT score: 660
TOEFL score: 273

Michael Slavkov, a graduate of Moscow State Aviation Institute, was chosen as our student of the month for November. Michael graduated with a major in Economics & Management and since that time has worked for major raw-materials holding companies, such as Roscontract, Interros, and MDM Group. However, this is not why he was chosen as our student of the month.

I have to say that Pericles has been exceptionally lucky these past few months. It seems that we keep getting smart, hard-working students. And Michael is one of those students. He is a perfect example of someone who knows what he wants and goes out and gets it. It is people like him that everyone knows will succeed and we are pleased that he was and still is one of our students. Personally, I have nothing but good things to say about him and as you can see by his hard work he has already succeeded. Since coming to us Michael has scored 660 on the GMAT and 273 on the TOEFL and now he has set his eyes on entering into either Stanford, Kellogg, LBS, UMBS or Tuck. We are sure that he will get into one of those schools. Michael is hoping to help pay for his MBA with a loan and some personal money. After graduation he is hoping to come back to Moscow and work in the same field and possibly for one of the same companies as he did before.

Pericles would like to wish Michael luck as he embarks on the process of entering business school and we wish him luck both during b-school and after.

Michael, you are a hard worker who is determined to see your goals through to the end and we always hope you succeed. We will always remember you as someone who never quits and we would like to say good luck in everything you do.