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Emma Zarubina
our October 2023 Student of the Month.

Congratulations, Emma!

Hello everyone, I'm Emma, and I am the one whose Jessup passion grew into a Pericles LLM (and it feels I'm getting another addiction to study here).

Pericles is a place to start thinking outside the box. Here, you truly learn lateral thinking and challenge yourself. For real, where else can you learn an entire legal course with memes from your favorite TV-series? The hypotheticals professors come up with, besides being entertaining and fascinating, give you an opportunity to learn transferable skills. Every single class is practical, with heated discussions among students and professors, so you just can't stay away!

At Pericles, you rub shoulders with passionate students, who are bright and with different legal backgrounds. It truly gives you motivation to keep up with your own intelligence to grow along with them.
For me Pericles feels like a place where you can push the boundaries even further and grow both professionally and personally.

I am extremely surprised and rejoined to be a Student of the Month. (Will take it as a sign to get more courses next semester and hit them even harder.)

My special thanks to Marian, whose personal approach and feedback helped me to develop my own style of lawyering.

Emma has consistently displayed outstanding academic prowess, consistently achieving top marks in her classes. What makes her achievement even more remarkable is her ability to maintain her academic excellence, even as she embarked on the significant journey of marriage. Her dedication, time management, and unwavering commitment to her studies have allowed her to successfully balance both personal and academic responsibilities.

Congratulations, Emma! Best wishes for your new marriage. And keep up the great work!