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Nadezhda Agafonova
our October 2021 Student of the Month.





“I am honored and – frankly – surprised to be among the graduates with honors diplomas, valedictorians, and best students based on their academic merits.  My name is Nadia Agafonova.  This September I started my last class leading to my LL.M diploma.  Since January 2020, I have been taking up to three classes each semester, both to refresh my English, to expand my knowledge of global business law, to think like a lawyer as well as to establish new social and business relations.  In my previous professional life, I worked in various industries: aviation, mining, heavy industrial machinery. Recently, I switched to a more “modern” area, taking advantage of our virtual world to touch on intellectual property issues, contracts with daily services for households, but still within a B2B mode.  I am happy to be among the Pericles LL.M. students to get a broader view on every business aspect, to participate in discussions with lawyers from different industries, background, and age.  I got my latest work offer thanks to the students’ network community.”

Nadia recently found a job after being a work-study student at Pericles for over one and a half years. Congratulations Nadia!