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Marina Tyryshkina

Marina Tyryshkina

Student of the Month for October 2009

TOEFL 116!



Our current Student of the Month, Marina Tyryshkina, believes above all else that if you put your heart into whatever you do and desire, you will succeed. Marina has proven her dedication to her goals, and we at Pericles are glad to honour her our October Student of the Month.

Marina graduated with honours from the Russian State University for Humanities, faculty of Management, in the Institute of Economics, Management and Law in 2005.  While at university, she already formed the goal of working for a large, international company.  However, she had also decided that her education was not adequate preparation for the challenges of working in an international environment. So, while still a fourth year student, she enrolled in Pericles’ GMAT course, and took four business courses in AIBEc.  This was six years ago, and marked her first steps in acquiring western education.

Marina also decided acquiring work experience and putting her practical knowledge into practice were absolute prerequisites to studying abroad.  In 2005 she joined the Sales and Trading Department of TNK-BP, working as a coordinator on a project to streamline the processes and enhance the controls for all oil trading activities.  She was then promoted to a role in operations, dealing with crude oil sales and the products and procedures for loading cargo on tankers in ports.  She still prizes her experience at TNK-BP, saying that the three years she spent there provided her with the incredible experience of working in a multinational environment and gave her the opportunity to see the different sides of the business of sales and trading.

In 2008, she decided it was time to move on and fulfill her ambition since her student years to obtain a western education.  She returned to Pericles and took our TOEFL and GRE courses, obtaining a well-deserved 116 on TOEFL.

Marina is also passionate about languages and dance.  She is fluent in German, has studied French, and is now learning Spanish.  She always tries to find time for dance, especially ballroom and Latin dances.

She is now at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, doing a Masters of Science Degree in International Strategy and Economics.  She says that her Masters programme will help her broaden her understanding of international trade and economics.  Her future goal is to join an international oil company after graduation, and work again in sales and trading or strategy. Her hope is to have a chance to work in different countries, perhaps even in Latin America, so that she can apply both her business skills and her love of the Spanish language. She still plans to get an MBA, but that will have to wait for a few more years.  We know she will accomplish this goal, as she has all her others.