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Igor Taranov

Igor Taranov


Student of the Month for October 2008

IGOR TARANOV, an LL.M. student at Pericles, has finally been chosen as our Student of the Month--a victory we know he REALLY wanted. Congratulations Igor!

Usually we pick our students of the month for some current achievement that occurred during the month in question. But in Igor's case--well, it's really a continuing spirit that caused us to choose him. Igor is, in every way, a team player, as you can see from the picture above holding up the victory sign while competing on Pericles' team at the 2007 Am Cham 4th of July Picnic, American football competition. We didn't win the game, but we scored a goal, as Igor was quick to point out.

Since Igor joined us, almost three years ago now, he has been a contact active participant, both in studies and in all Pericles social events and academic events. Despite a busy work schedule as a practicing lawyer, and a busy study schedule taking several courses each semester, Igor is always there, willing to lend a hand with everything from explaining courses to potential students, to helping us find new facilities, to finishing up the punch at the end of the party. Igor has also progressed in and changed his career, going from a small private practice in immigration and adoption law to a thriving business and real estate law career, and has improved his English dramatically through participation in all Pericles events. Plus, we know that he really really wanted to be chosen as student of the month! :-)

Igor, congratulations, and keep up the spirit of Pericles!