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Andrei Kolesov
our September 2021 Student of the Month.





“Hello everyone.  My name is Andrei Kolesov.  I am an investment lawyer handling private equity investments, capital markets, and M&A transactions.  This year I got an LL.M. in Global Business Law at Pericles.  Before applying to Pericles in 2018, I took considerable time deciding whether I could manage in-depth studying western law while working in a tough mode.  Furthermore, by that time, I already had a PhD degree, advanced education in alternative dispute resolution at ARGE, Vienna, and more than ten years professional experience, being an attorney at a well-known law firm in Moscow.  However, I commenced studying at Pericles, and today realize that this decision was a turning point in my career.

Faced with international transactions, I significantly benefited from the Pericles LL.M. program by improving my analytical legal writing and contract drafting skills, developing case law legal research abilities, and enhancing familiarity with main concepts and mechanisms in the realm of general common law.  While studying, I moved from a senior lawyer to the Head of Transactional Structuring and Support at the international investment group where I currently work.  No less important, I became a member of the bright and talented Pericles legal community, to which I am proud to belong. 

Studying western business law gives you an opportunity to see each time the full legal picture at issue, and thus, be more advanced and effective than if practicing apart of well-structured legal knowledge.  Having graduated from Pericles, I advise my colleagues and fellows not to hesitate in achieving their professional objectives by getting a western style legal education.”

Andrei recently graduated with an Honors diploma. Congratulations Andrei!