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Elena Kharlamova
Student of the Month
September 2002

GMAT score: 700
TOEFL score: 270

Welcome to September's Student of the Month. This month we have selected Elena Kharlamova as our honored student for her hard work, dedication to succeed, and for her accomplishments thus far.

Elena, a graduate of Novosibirsk University of Consumers' Cooperation, where she got her degree in Economics, is a current employee of IBS, where she works as an Administration Manager. For those of you who do not know IBS is a Russian IT holding.

Well, like all of our students, after working for some time Elena decided to get her MBA, and like so many of our students she chose Pericles to help her prepare. The help paid off for her because after studying GMAT with us Elena got a 700. It is also appropriate to mention the she received a 270 on the TOEFL, which is high enough to get into any of the top b-schools in the world. Way to go Elena!

Now that the exams are over Elena can concentrate on her applications to two b-schools. The schools to which she is currently applying are Kellogg & Duke. Once she is accepted Elena plans on taking out some student loans to help pay for her education. The only thing left after applying is deciding what to do after she gets her degree and we are sure that whatever she does she will be successful.

Elena, Pericles would like to say GOOD JOB and GOOD LUCK in the future and that we were happy to have you as a student. You are always welcome back at Pericles!

Postscriptum: On March 11, 2003 Elena dropped by the Pericles office with a bunch of flowers to tell us that she was accepted to BOTH Duke and Kellogg! It feels great to be in a position to choose, and she has decided to accept Kellogg. She made this very tough choice based on her impressions during a visit to both campuses. Afterwards she felt that she would fit in best at Kellogg, and she also felt most positive about the future job prospects in the area surrounding Kellogg. Best of luck in Illinois Elena. We’re sure you’ll “knock ‘em dead”!