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Sofia Ovsyannikova
our August 2023 Student of the Month.

Congratulations, Sofia!

"Hello, everyone! My name is Sofia Ovsyannikova. I am grateful and surprised to be the Pericles student of the month. It is a big honor for me. I am 20 years old law student from Russian Foreign Trade Academy of the Ministry of Economic Development, Moscow.

This year, I became extremely interested in taking part in moot courts and scientific conferences. If you haven't heard of me yet - you definitely will, just give me some time ;)

I started my education in Pericles in July 2023 during Jessup Summer School. From the first days at Pericles, I realized how lucky I was. It was such an amazing opportunity to develop my oral advocacy and legal writing skills, as well as English language skills. I have never taken part in oral and written competitions before, and I managed to get to the final rounds of the competition. Moreover, I won the Best Memorial and Best Oralists Awards.

I am proud to have taken part in Pericles Jessup Summer School, and I am happy to have had such an awesome time there.

Thanks, Pericles!
Sofia Ovsyannikova"


Sofia was Runner-Up Best Oralist at the recent Jessup Summer School, and was a teacher assistant at the BFU Kaliningrad Summer School to two of our professors who taught there, Marian Dent and Donald Cannon.

Sofia, congratulations, and we hope to see at Pericles courses again!