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Alexander Kolesnikov
our August 2022 Student of the Month.

Congratulations, Alexander!

“Hi everyone! It is great to be chosen the student of the month! Especially in August, when there are no courses)) Either way, Pericles is great, the LLM program is great, professors are great, students are great. Being surrounded by all this greatness really motivates to improve mylanguage and legal skills. So, I thank Pericles for that! The one thing that always strikes me is that all the students instead of having fun or “doing nothing” commit themselves to studying in the evenings, on weekends, on vacation, or even at work! Moreover, people spend their own money or persuade their employers to cover the costs. Well, that is C – Commitment. I believe that with this commitment nothing is unachievable. Thank you once again!”

Alexander Kolesnikov


Alexander was one of the top students in the recent International Commercial Arbitration course which earned him this well deserved award. He has been a top performing student in his other courses too, which just goes to show that persistence and hard work always pays off. Congratulations, Alexander!