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Larissa Kariagina
our August 2021 Student of the Month.





“Hi, my name is Larissa Kariagina.  I am a corporate lawyer.  I studied law at Lomonosov Moscow State University.  Most of my legal career I worked in the investment industry dealing with cross-border projects, with the main focus on M&A and other corporate law areas.  Recently, I joined one of the companies of MR Group, one of the major developers in Moscow.

In 2021, I completed my LL.M. degree in Global Business Law at Pericles Law Center.  This education was a challenging and exciting experience.  The studies required time, concentration and dedication.  In exchange, I had a brilliant opportunity to acquire new valuable knowledge indispensable for lawyers in a contemporary business environment.  For these 2.5 years, I have improved my oral and writing skills, upgraded legal reasoning and presentation abilities, identified numerous blind spots, and had an excellent opportunity to redress them in a company of like-minded dedicated people under the direction of the esteemed professors and practicing Western lawyers. 

The studies challenged and shaped my professional and personal qualities, but also inspired me and made me feel more confident in my competence.  I have taken all this precious experience and hope to maintain the bonds with the outstanding people I met here.”

Larissa recently graduated with an Honors diploma. Congratulations Larissa!