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class of 2010


Pericles proud to announce student of the month for August, 2010

LL.M Graduating class of 2010.

Back row, left to right:Ramil Zaynetdinov, Yuliana Kan, Dmitry Bydanov, Igor Kreslavsky,Igor Taranov, Anton Zolotov, Andrey Shlyakhtov,and Konstantin Kasian

Front row, left to right: Alexander Makarov, Maria Sopova, Kristina Proskurina, and Aza Siukaeva

Today we honor our 2010 Graduating Class by naming them the Students of the Month!

This year was an occasionally difficult year for everybody because of the current financial crisis. Some of our students faced career changes. A few of the students are in the process of starting families. Some just had financial problems due to the crisis. Yet, despite everything, they worked hard and persevered. All of our graduating students faced the challenges of balancing careers, studies and personal lives, and they all, to a one, succeeded. We celebrate their success!

Individually, our 2010 graduating students represent the spectrum of the Russian legal community and stand out because of their personal achievements and goals. Their positions run the gamut from Chief Inhouse Counsel to Partner in a Consulting/Litigation firm. All of them have shown a desire for education and professional development. Many of them have participated in, and won scholarships for, the USD summer study abroad program. One student is currently spending the summer studying law in London. Another student spent last summer studying in Florence. All of them have proven themselves personally, intellectually, and professionally.

Pericles thanks the 2010 graduating class, collectively and individually, for choosing Pericles, for being noteworthy students, and for contributing to the history of our LL.M. program here in Moscow.

We especially thank Dmitry Bydanov, our 2010 Valedictorian, for his excellence and leadership throughout the program. Good job, Dima!

To the 2010 class, our congratulations and best wishes for your success!