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Evelyn Huber

Evelyn Huber


Student of the Month for August-September 2008


We are nominating Evelyn Huber as this month's student of the month in order to welcome her to Russia and to honor her quest to be a true international Jurist. 

Evelyn is a Swiss citizen who graduated from the University of Berne with both a Bachelor's and an LL.M.  She also has a certificate in Islamic Law issued by the University of Zurich, at their facilities in the American University, Cairo.  While this would be enough for most young attorneys, Evelyn has decided to continue her education in Russia by taking part in a grant program at People's Friendship University. She was awarded a full tuition scholarship to study Russian language and law in Russia, and, still not quite satisfied, she has decided to pursue a Pericles LL.M. in American Business Law simultaneously!  She also plans to finish her studies at Pericles in just one year! 

While Pericles has had several non-Russian students in our LL.M. program over the years, Evelyn is the first to come here who has not had family, work or other ties to bring her to Russia. She came here because of a strong interest in comparative law and we are glad that our program gives her the unique chance to study American law at the same time as learning Russian law at People's Friendship.

In these uncertain economic and challenging diplomatic times, with pundits proclaiming return to the cold war, and with fewer and fewer Westerners willing to deal with the difficulties of living as a foreigner in Russia, we are glad to see students like Evelyn who continue to be interested in Russia and the U.S. as parts of the Western legal community, and who continue to believe in the value of true internationalism. We feel that this exemplifies the Pericles spirit.

For her ambition, her quest for knowledge, and her interest in Russia and America we think Evelyn makes the perfect student of the month as we launch the coming 2008-9 academic year.

Congratulations Evelyn, and Welcome to Russia!