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Ivan Sergeev
Student of the Month
August 2001

GMAT score: 680
TOEFL score: 263

Our August, Student of the Month goes to Ivan Sergeev.

Ivan graduated from the Russian Economic Academy with a degree in Finance and went on to use this degree to land a job as the Finance Director with Autonavigator LTD. However, Ivan eventually left there and got a job, where he is currently working, with ARNI, Russia's leading auditing co. Ivan is one of the auditors dealing mostly with financial and audit consulting.

With that said we would like to tell you why he was chosen as our Student of the Month. Ivan studied GMAT and TOEFL and then went on to get a 680 and 263 respectively. With these scores and the experience mentioned above, Ivan decided to go on and apply to some top 20 schools. Schools that included the likes of INSEAD and LBS both of which he got accepted. Now comes the choice of which one to choose. According to Ivan he is leaning toward INSEAD because of its one year curriculum. He also plans on applying for the ABN AMRO loan as well as for some scholarships. We hope you get them.

Ivan we would like to congratulate you on a great job not only with your test scores but also with getting accepted to the two best schools in Europe. We wish you well in which ever MBA program you choose, and we know you will do great. Good Luck and Congratulations!!!