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Valeria Natsvina
our July 2022 Student of the Month.

Congratulations, Valeria!

“Thank you so much, Pericles, for choosing me the Student of the Month! I am so excited to be here and learn from such devoted professionals as well as be around so many smart and ambitious students. 

For those who don’t know me: I am Valeria Natsvina and I work as Head of the Legal Department in an American and Russian joint venture in agricultural business. 

After I spent eleven years in three universities (OMG) I told myself that I would never pursue another degree. I first came to Pericles just to take a course in Legal English. Then I thought: “Why not take Legal Writing?” And then … Then I woke up and discovered I applied for the Pericles LLM program)) 

I had to sacrifice some sleep and fun, but I never regretted it. Discovering the American approach to teaching law and generally to the legal profession is a unique and breathtaking experience. And I am grateful to Pericles for such an amazing opportunity.”

Valeria Natsvina


Valeria recently came back from Delaware becoming our first student since COVID to go and study abroad. Her perseverance, braveness, and enthusiasm helped her overcome all the visa and travel difficulties that are now in place. She is also always keen on attending classes in-person and brings sweets every time she visits us (a good bribe to get student of the month, right? :)) Congratulations, Valeria!