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Pericles is proud to announce

Graduating class group photo

The LL.M Graduating Class of 2012!

LR: Professor Mendelssohn, Graduate Sergey Kalaberda, Professor Lissniak, Graduates Anastasia Frolova, Alexandra Khizunova, Anastasia Khruleva, Tatiana Alexandrova, Michael Mayer (graduated Dec. 2011), Pavel Kislovsky, Lada Myasnikova (graduated Dec. 2011), Evgenia Vetoshnikova, Alexander Katzendorn, Dean Marian Dent, Graduates Svetlana Voronova-Yaremenko (graduated Dec. 2011), Daria Lulakova-Aydyn and Maria Navasardova. In front, Graduate Sergey Baranaov (graduated Dec. 2011). Not present in the photo are Graduates Olga Bondo, Aijamal Umarova, and Maxim Fedorov.

This is the 10th anniversary year of our LL.M. program so it was a time to take a look back and reflect. The first LL.M. graduation class at Pericles was in 2005, Dean Dent recalled talking at their graduation about the bravery of those students, who entered our LL.M. in the first and second years of our existence, for entrusting us with their education.  They were trail blazers.  The class that we graduate in 2012 are no less trailblazers. 2012 is a year when Russia is on the cusp. Although Russia just entered the WTO, there are elements that are turning towards isolationism and away from integration in the world society.  It's a challenging time politically and economically. We firmly believe that our students, who graduate with a truly international understanding of law and business, will be the future of Russia, and will help create solid relations between Russia and the West.

To our graduates, we are thankful to you for trusting Pericles to guide your legal education, and believe that you agree that you made the right choice! Our congratulations and best wishes for your success!


toastAnastasia Khruleva, Maria Nazardova and Daria Lulakova-Aydyn enjoy a toast before the proceedings.

Tom Firestone, Frank Petruzzi, Andrew
Mendelssohn and Vladimir Lissniak
watch the ceremony.

Anastasia Frolova gets her diplomaValedictorian Anastasia Frolova receives her degree from Dean Dent.

Alexander Katsendorn & Sergei Kalaberda
Class representative Alexander Katsendorn
gives the thumbs up the the camera
with Sergey Kalaberda

Lada Myasnikova

Lada Myasnikova in a serious moment


Evgenia Vetoshnikova and Tatiana Alexandrova

Evgenia Vetoshnikova and Tatiana
Alexandrova, caught by the camera


Tom Firestone and Vladimir Lissniak joke with Daria Lulakova-Aydyn

Svetlana Voronova-Yarmenko

Svetlana Voronova-Yarmenko
gets her degree from Dean Dent


Sasha Kizhunova gets her hood

Alexandra Khizunova
gets her hood from Vladimir Lissniak
as Sergei Kalaberda looks on.

Sergei Baranov gets pinned

Sergey Baranov gets his class pin
from Vladimir Lissniak


Tatiana Alexandrova

Tatiana Alexandrova shows off her class pin


Michael Mayer & wife

Michael Mayer shares a drink
with his wife

Pavel Kislovsky chats with Andrew Mendelssohn


The ceremony concludes with the traditional cap toss.