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Izabella Khazagerova

Student of the Month for July, 2010


Pericles is proud to announce our Student of the Month for July, 2010:  Izabella Khazagerova.  We would especially like to congratulate her on her admission to Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge.

Izabella will be coming to Cambridge with an impressive academic and professional resume in tow.  Having originally trained as a linguist, she graduated with honors from Rostov State University in 2001 with a concentration in English and Spanish, and she remained in the area to begin her work with foreign clients as a salesperson for MB Office Equipment Company.  Quickly, however, she obtained a promotion and moved to the company’s Moscow office as chief of their foreign sales department.  After several years at MB, Izabella then decided to shift gears and enter the challenging world of corporate education, and in 2003, she managed the establishment of the training department at Zepter Medical in Moscow.  In this capacity, she oversaw the development of training strategies for the company, helped design and adapt training programs, and delivered training sessions in management and soft skills.  By 2005, Izabella had become director of the entire Education Centre of Zepter International, where she continued to monitor the training and development programs, analyzing their budgetary needs and supervising a team of 42 employees across Russia.  Then, in 2007, she left Zepter for a similar position at Raiffeisenbank in Moscow, where she once again launched a learning and development department from the ground up, this time in the wake of a merger!  Here she has fulfilled the same duties as at her former post, while also designing and launching a training portal, introducing employees to e-learning, and cooperating with external training providers and educators to best suit her company’s needs.  All of these efforts have helped endow Raiffeisenbank with a department that is considered the most effective corporate university in Russia (  Finally, Izabella has also served as leader of the bank’s Sales Force Effectiveness project since 2008.

Throughout her career, Izabella has also kept one eye squarely focused on education, having participated in many training sessions and courses for her own development.  Given this commitment to learning and the fact that she has already achieved such a high degree of professional success, we are confident that she will excel at Cambridge.  We are happy that Izabella came to Pericles when she decided to apply for an MBA, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Izabella would like to thank Pericles, and Tom Nastas in particular, for their help in the MBA admissions process. She would also advise all GMAT Prep students to have a clear notion of the score they want and need to achieve, and, above all else, to remain calm about the exam.

Congratulations, Izabella Khazagerova!