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2008 LLM Graduates

Students of the Month for July 2008

(L-R) Andrey Shashenkov, Sergey Budylin, Ksenia Lobanova

Natalia Moiseeva, Anna Kravtsova, Svetlana Mikhailovskaya and

(not in photo) Victoria Arutyunyan

The Group of 2008 LL.M. Graduates is our hands down choice for Students of the Month. Victoria Arutyunyan (who unfortunately could not attend), Sergey Budylin, Anna Kravtsova, Ksenia Lobanova, Svetlana Mikhailovskaya, Natalia Moiseeva and Andrey Shashenkov truly deserve our warmest congratulations!

We were witness to their hard work and determination - embarking on a journey of books, recitations, assignments and grueling exams. What can we say? They made it! As the old proverbial saying goes, "Success comes to those who want it the most." These guys wanted this degree, and they got it - a very deserving accomplishment at that. Like any mentor would be to his students, please know that Pericles is extremely proud of you guys. Your success is our success. Kudos to our graduates!