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Olga Bourdova
Student of the Month
July 2002

GMAT score: 700
TOEFL score: 277

Our July Student of the Month is Olga Bourdova. Olga is a graduate of Moscow State University's Department of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics. After graduation, like most people, Olga had to work and eventually her career lead her to PricewaterhouseCoopers where she is a tax manager. It is at this time when Olga decided to look into getting an MBA, which is when she came to Pericles.

Olga came to Pericles to study in our GMAT course and then she went on to receive an astounding 700 on her GMAT. It should also be mentioned that Olga also had to take the TOEFL and on this exam she obtained an impressive 277. After taking the GMAT Olga chose INSEAD as the school where she wanted to get her MBA. Why? Well, she feels that INSEAD offers the most. These aspects range from the fact that no major nationality is the majority at INSEAD to being centrally located in Europe, which in turn will offer her more chances of obtaining a job in Europe. Like most of us, however, Olga has to pay for her education, which is why she is planning on applying for the ABN AMRO loan. In addition it will help her since she is going with her family for the one year study. However, when it is all said and done she is planning on one day, if not immediately, coming back to Russia and working.

Well, Olga, we wish you luck with your studies and hope you come back to Pericles to let us know how you are doing. Good Luck at INSEAD and in everything you do!