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Evgenia Korystova
our June 2021 Student of the Month.





“My name is Evgenia Korystova. My native town is Smolensk, where I finished secondary school. In 2001 I started studying at Law Department in the Moscow State University. After four years of studying I decided to make a pause and went to the United States for a year. I lived in a family and studied in Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY.

That year in the States influenced my career and my life. My English improved greatly and after the graduation form MSU I started my career in DLA Piper continuing with White & Case.

When I became a mom, I decided to continue my career as an in-house lawyer. I got some free time to learn, but at first I didn’t choose Pericles to continue my education, as I thought Pericles teaches only English which I didn’t want to learn any more. But to my joy I met Oxana Kouzyaeva, my former co-student, who described to me how useful the Pericles’ LLM program was. That’s how I started the LLM at Pericles. This program gave me the opportunity to practice both oral and written English, and gave me confidence in my ability to learn something new.

Evgenia graduated two weeks ago as Valedictorian of the class of 2021.  That means she received the highest grades out of everyone graduating this year.  That’s quite an achievement to be working full time, raising a child and also graduating at the top of the class. Congratulations Evgenia!