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Olga Bondo

Student of the Month for June, 2010


Pericles is proud to announce our Student of the Month for June, 2010: Olga Bondo. We would especially like to extend our sincerest congratulations to her upon the recent birth of her son, Etienne.

Here at Pericles we seek out students with extensive legal backgrounds for our LL.M. program, and Olga more than satisfies that standard with her impressive academic record.  Originally having graduated from the Moscow State Law Academy with a specialization in civil law in 2000, Olga first demonstrated her commitment to higher study when she decided to continue on the postgraduate level at the Russian government’s Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law.  She completed her program there in the Department of International Private Law in 2003.  From that point, Olga focused on her career until she felt the pull of education once again in 2009, deciding to supplement her Russian diplomas with a common law qualification:  the Pericles LL.M. degree.

Olga’s legal experience extends well beyond the classroom, however.  In the space of 14 years, Olga has worked in almost every legal capacity imaginable, having begun as a paralegal.  From there, she segued into a position in tax law, and then served as a legal correspondent for “Uchet, nalogi, pravo,” a weekly addendum to the newspaper “Finansovaya Rossiya”.  Olga next obtained a position as a key specialist in the legal department of the consulting company Bona Fide Finance, and within three years at that company she had secured a title as head of their Private Law Department.  During this time, she was involved in many different areas of practice, including contract drafting, due diligence, bankruptcy, general corporate issues, and litigation.  She also led many consultations on issues related to civil law, corporate law, tax, labor, securities, and real estate.  Finally, Olga decided to concentrate her focus on real estate specifically, and she obtained a lawyer’s position in that field at OOO METRO Cash & Carry.  In her current work there, Olga shoulders a myriad number of responsibilities, like conducting due diligence for the purchase of land plots, preparing legal memoranda on land issues, and representing her company in the courtroom during litigated disputes.

In addition to her professional and academic obligations, however, Olga has still managed to prioritize her family, and in March she welcomed a baby boy, Etienne, to the world.  He joins his older brother, Daniel, who was born in April, 2008.  Above all else, we at Pericles were impressed and overwhelmed by the dedication Olga showed to us and our program when she only missed one week of classes when the child was born!  It is that sort of dedication that we know Olga will continue to bring to her duties as a mother, and we sincerely wish her and her family only the greatest happiness as they move forward together.

Congratulations, Olga Bondo!