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Our Summer 2007 LL.M. Graduates!

L-R: Alexander Kharitontsev, Vivian Mashavave, Julia Byus,
Ivan Moshkov, Aharon Nuroyan, Vera Mitskevich,
Anastasia Shpakova. INSET: John McVeigh, Anna Kravtsova

Aharon Nuroyan

Our Class Valedictorian, Aharon joined our LL.M. program with set goals in mind--to develop his analytical skills in a legal context, to acquaint himself with the Anglo-American legal system, and to find new opportunities, colleagues and friends in the field. He certainly made friends at Pericles, and enjoyed Pericles' happier traditions, namely our New Year celebrations and our graduation ceremony. But all merrymaking aside, Aharon was one of the most hardworking students in his group, scoring Top in Class in six courses during his studies. Aharon is now the General Director of MLP CIS LLC, which assists Russian companies with foreign investors, handling their diverse legal issues.

Alexander Kharitontsev

Alexander always felt that getting an additional legal background would enormously assist him in day-to-day business activities. He started thinking of obtaining an LL.M. back when he was a student and the thought never left his mind. Over the course of his studies, Pericles proved to be the finest envoirment in terms of Americal legal education the local market has to offer. The knowledge he obtained at Pericles greatly assists him in his present work as his is closely related to various legal matters connected with the SEC and U.S. business organizations issues. He has learned to effectively represent himself before various governmental bodies and private enterprises within the U.S. He is currently employed by Mobile TeleSystems OJSC, the largest phone operator in the Eastern and Central Europe, working as a senior legal counsel in the corporate governance department of MTS. He remembers Pericles' staff and his fellow students as open-hearted and devoted people who were always there if something went the wrong way. In particular, he remembers Professor Chris Moore from the Contracts class, who was able to deliver the material in such a way that it not only provided solid knowledge of Contract law, but was taught with "exquisite" humor.

Anastasia Shpakova

Anastasia came to Pericles to take a course in Legal English, and stayed on to work for Professor Lissniak as an in-house lawyer, assisting with several cases involving property law. After speaking with Marian, she decided to look into our LL.M. program, and saw much that she thought would be useful when she decided to work for an international law firm. Anastasia says that the best moments she remembers are when she first felt that "yes, she can do it!" and currently, when she gets to apply the knowledge she gained at Pericles in her job as an associate handling Corporate Real Estate transactions at Salans. Anastasia greatly enjoyed meeting a lot of interesting people during her studies here, and was relieved that her course schedule allowed her to continue working while she received her LL.M.

Anna Kravtsova

The first things that struck Anna about Pericles' LL.M. program was how useful the courses taught in the program would be in raising her analitical skills and in furthering her career. Now, in her current job as the head of the Legal Department at Luxoft, she finds that her evaluation of our program's advantages was correct. She says that one of the most useful courses she took at Pericles was Intellectual Property taught by Professor Ed Donovan, as it directly relates to her legal work in the software industry.

John McVeigh

While working toward his MBA at the American Institute of Business and Economics (AIBEc), John attended a class in Business Law, taught by our dean, Professor Marian Dent. He was so impressed with the course that he decided to enroll for a full LL.M. degree at Pericles. John currently works as the General Director of Alexander Hughes, a consulting company in Saint Petersburg, specializing in Legal Executive search. His most interesting moment at Pericles was when he found Legal Writing I to be very challenging, even for a native English speaker.

Ivan Moshkov

Ivan began his relationship with Pericles in 2004, when he attended Professor Lissniak's Negotiations for Lawyers course. Impressed with the course, and desiring to work in international law, Ivan decided to apply to our LL.M. program. Now he heads up the International Legal Division at Renova Management AG, and he reports that the skills he learned at Pericles are very helpful in his current position. Ivan maintains a close relationship with his instructors, and we all look forward to seeing him in class again, when he returns to keep his skills sharp.

Vera Mitskevitch

At first, when Vera came to Pericles, she was not seeking to complete any kind of degree program--she was mainly looking to increase her skills in Legal English. After passing our Legal English course, she decided to apply to our LL.M. program, and found that every class she attended added a significant benefit to her abilities. She was particularly fond of all the courses taught by Professor Dent, and Professor Webb's Professional Responsibility course. Also, she greatly enjoyed Professor Lissniak's course in Negotiations, but then who doesn't? Vera is currently working as a lawyer for Solway Management, an American investment company, where she says she applies her Pericles knowledge on a constant basis, as all of the company's legal documents are in English.

Vivian Mashavave

Vivian got his first law degree at University of Zimbabwe and originally came to Russia with the idea of studying Russian language before he found and was admitted to the Pericles LL.M. program. He got very high grades in most of his classes including top grades in his Legal Writing I and II classes.  He is currently in Oxford studying for the summer, but has agreed to return to Russia in the fall where he has accepted a position as an Associate Professor with Pericles, and will be teaching Legal Research.

Yulia Byus

When seeking a legal education program, Yulia had some rather specific requirements. First of all, she was looking for a program that taught advanced concepts in legal English--a program which was not available in Moscow at the time, nor even in London, as she says. Also, she wanted something close to home, which could give her the specialized knowledge she desired. Yulia is very pleased with her degree, and she highlights the people she met while in the program. She says that Pericles is a special place where she met people on "the same wavelength." Yulia feels that even though there are a lot of lawyers in Moscow, Pericles is a "club" which allows some of the more "special lawyers" come together--and that forging relationships with such people is a great investment in one's future. (Yulia and her son were honored as Students of the Month in March [click here].)