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Anna Grishchenkova

Student of the Month for May, 2010


Pericles is proud to announce our Student of the Month for May, 2010: Anna Grishchenkova. We would especially like to extend our sincerest congratulations to her upon having been selected as a participant in the U.S. State Department's Global Women's Mentoring Program.

A native of Moscow Region, Anna graduated from Tula State University with a specialization in Civil Law; and since entering the work world, she has obtained invaluable professional experience as a legal adviser to both auditing and financial consultants. In this capacity, she has successfully completed a myriad number of difficult tasks, such as helping to develop proper corporate governance, managing complex projects and teams, and advising clients on corporate currency, antitrust, and civil issues. She has also counseled some of the largest Russian oil and metallurgical companies on asset transfers and consolidation, and she has represented oil and medical companies in insolvency proceedings and disputes with contractors and shareholders.

In addition to her professional obligations, however, Anna has still managed to prioritize her education. With her impressive command of English, she decided to supplement her Russian degree with a common law qualification, choosing to pursue the LL.M. degree at our institute. In her time here, Anna has even gone so far as to study abroad with the University of San Diego Law School's summer program in Paris.

That experience, however, will not mark the full extent of Anna's study overseas, since recently (as we mentioned above) she was selected for the Global Women's Mentoring Program sponsored by the U.S. State Department. This unique endeavor brings together female professionals from around the world for several weeks in New York and Washington each year. There, they have the opportunity to meet with high-ranking and influential women professionals (like, for instance, Hillary Clinton) while they also shadow designated mentors at select host companies. Through team-building and training workshops, panel discussions and networking, the mentees learn the skills necessary to promote business and effect change in their future professional pursuits, thus making this a truly unique opportunity for ambitious young women to connect with like-minded individuals from across the globe. Anyone interested in obtaining more information on the program can consult this website.

Anna would like to thank everyone at Pericles for this honor. For our part, we know that the State Department made a wise choice in selecting her for this prestigious program. We are confident she will effectively use this opportunity to develop her career skills and continue the great success she has already enjoyed. Congratulations once again, Anna Grishchenkova!