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Sergey Budylin
Yulia Osipova

are our

May 2007
Students of the

Sergey and Yulia have been chosen Pericles' Students of the Month this May for a major achievement. An article they authored, entitled "Total Upgrade: Intellectual Property Law Reform in Russia," has been published by the Columbia University School of Law, in the Columbia Journal of East European Law (Vol. 1, No. 1, 2007).

To be published in such a journal by such a reputable law school is a great accomplishment, and it reflects Sergey's and Yulia's hard work and determination in their studies at Pericles. They are also quite brilliant and pleasant students to have in class, so our choice this month was cut out for us.

We at Pericles extend our sincere congratulations, and our thanks to both Sergey and Yulia for making us proud!

Sergey Budylin

Sergey is currently attending Pericles' LL.M. program, where he is consistently wrecking the grading curve on almost every exam he takes. In other words, because of students like Sergey, his fellow students are pushed to study harder and to learn more. The professors here at Pericles appreciate the inspiration Sergey lends to his classmates.

Sergey is currently working as an associate at Roche & Duffay in Moscow. He holds a Candidate of Science degree from Moscow State University.

Yulia Osipova

Yulia also works as an associate at Roche & Duffay, and has attended Percles' Legal Writing and Intellectual Property courses. Born in Kaluga, she graduated from the Moscow State Academy of Law in 2006.

In 2005, Yulia authored a book on the protection of rights in criminal procedures in Russia.