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Marina Zarembo
our April 2022 Student of the Month.

Congratulations, Marina!

“Hello everyone! My name is Marina Zarembo. I am honored to be a student of the month; and of course I am glad to share my experience of being a student at Pericles Law Center. For the past eleven years I have been working in a coal production company as an in-house transactional legal counsel. I have been doing contract law, civil law, financial law, antitrust law, procurement law etc. In 2000 I graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University. During 2017-2019 I studied in the City Law School, City University of London. I enrolled in the LLM International Business Law program, distance mode, to work and study online simultaneously. I graduated with distinction. After my studies in the City Law School, I understood that I need not only the knowledge of substantive law, but practical skills as well, such as contract drafting and legal writing. Thus, I was happy to take two courses from Pericles school: Legal Writing I and Language of Contracts. Taking two courses simultaneously along with work and home duties was a challenge, but I managed it!
Legal Writing is a mix of education that includes theory and practice, students’ network and a warmhearted communication with Professor Marian Dent. Due to her professionalism, students graduate with developed logic of legal writing. Now I can do client letters, law office memoranda, instructional letters, presentations, and can apply "IRAC" technique to my documents. During classes we also completed exercises on topics such as punctuation, using active voice, structuring sentences, organizing paragraphs, and creating logical flow between paragraphs. Another course was Language of Contracts. In the beginning, the course seems to be quite easy, but don’t take it for granted. This impression is created due to the professionalism of Professor Sergey Danilov. In reality, the amount of knowledge he has given us within 12 classes is such, that after graduation I am listening to the recordings of classes for the second time and taking notes of aspects I did not manage to write down for the first time.
Overall, I highly recommend Pericles Law Center in general, and such courses as Legal Writing and Language of Contracts in particular.”

Marina Zarembo


Marina was the top student in the recent Language of Contracts course, in which she received an Honors certificate, and she also got the highest score on the Legal Writing exam! Congratulations Marina!