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Peter Sharapov is our April 2006 Student of the Month



We are very pleased to have Peter Sharapov as our Student of the Month for April 2006 because he is one of the most hard-working, diligent students that we know.we wish him every success in his quest for his well-deserved MBA!

Peter started working with the Pericles ABLE Project in February-March 2005, when he studied for the CBT-TOEFL and received a score of 260 on it. In April-May of 2005, Peter started preparing for the GMAT exam, and after much intensive study for verbal excellence, this spring he received his final score of 680. Peter says that the courses at Pericles helped him to realize that the verbal part is doable, that you need to just really work and follow the advice of your teachers to go that extra mile in order to become a full-fledged GMAT warrior. Peter received a verbal score in the 90 percentile, a very big achievement for a numbers person in the finance field.

Peter graduated summa cum laude from the economics department of the Russian Friendship Academy in 1999. Since that time, he has worked in the area of corporate finance, first as a consultant, then as a full-time player in the business arena.

Peter has been accepted to, and is currently attending the University of Michigan. His post-MBA plans are to return to Russia, where he would like to get a position in general management or as an analyst in an investment banking company or bank in Moscow.

We wish Peter the best in his endeavors and hope that other students will learn from his success that hard work and a positive attitude always pays off in the end.