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Meet our latest free TOEFL Raffle Winner!

We are happy to present our new free course winner: Vera Borisova

Vera has won the TOEFL preparation course which is to be taught by fully qualified Western professors. This course is offered in Moscow.

The free course raffle was organized by Pericles during the Access MBA Tour in Moscow on March 5, 2016.

A right for a free prep course on TOEFL is given now to Vera Borisova.

'My name is Vera Borisova, i used to run digital companies and projects, do my best at creative entrepreneurship and editing BLANK, the design management magazine.

I wish to get the MBA at Stanford and the winning of the TOEFL preparation session is one of great adventures IТm facing on the way.

Great journeys to us all!'

Vera Borisova


Congratulations Vera and good luck with your exam!

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