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Daria Ostanina

Student of the Month for March 2010


Pericles is proud to announce our Student of the Month for March 2010: Daria Ostanina!

Daria was born in 1982, and over the years she has amassed an impressive array of academic qualifications, specifically in the field of economics. She first enrolled at Moscow State University for her bachelor’s degree in this field, where she developed her special concentration in general economics. During that time, she also focused her studies in other areas, including Russian law, business accountancy, financial statement preparation, and finance for managers. Upon completing her bachelor’s degree, Daria continued her studies at MGU with a master’s in economics, which she completed in 2005.

Since finishing her studies, Daria has pursued work as an auditor with several different outfits, originally beginning as an auditor’s assistant at Grant Thornton Trid. After two years in this position, though, she quickly advanced to a post as an auditor at Ernst & Young, where she was responsible for assurance and advisory business services. Finally, Daria has been with the audit department of BDO since last year, where she concentrates on financial analysis, due diligence, and ensuring that financial reports conform to both Russian and international reporting standards.

In addition to her extensive academic and professional background, Daria is an accomplished linguist who has an impressive command of English in addition to her native Russian.

We here at Pericles are proud that Daria chose to study for the GMAT with us and delighted at her impressive score of 700. We are confident that she will succeed in business school just as she has succeeded in achieving so much else.

Congratulations, Daria Ostanina!