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Alexey Dolya

Alexey Dolya

Student of the Month for March 2009

GMAT 710


Admitted to INSEAD, Oxford and Berkeley

Alexey Dolya has never managed to reconcile his twin loves of science and business. That he has managed to succeed at both is a testament to his intelligence and strength of character.

Alexey graduated from Rostov State University with a degree in Computer Science, but he still had his dreams of working in business and economics. He took his first job as a marketing analyst for an IT company while he still pursuing his masters degree. This first career choice, where he found himself as middle man between the technical people and the sales people in his firm, really defined his life. Finding that his people skills, IT interests and technical skills were an ideal match for this type of work, he went on to co-found his own marketing agency, which he still manages today. Alexey's agency specializes in marketing research and business planning services for the IT industry. His company is very successful, representing such large clients at Intel, among others.

Alexey later received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and now additionally runs the business development department for Perimetrix, CompuLink Group, one of the largest IT firms in Russia.

Alexey is also a published author, having written more than 15 articles, including pieces for such publications as Harvard Business Review RE and Business Week RE.

Still not satisfied, Alexey decided he wanted to formalize his practical business experience by getting an MBA. He came to Pericles, where he took both the TOEFL course and the GMAT course, then scored a 109 on the TOEFL and a great 710 on the GMAT (top 5% in Quantitative Section and top 7% overall). And this was on his first attempts at the tests!

Alexey applied to and was admitted to the MBA programs at INSEAD, Oxford and Ber keley, and has decided to attend INSEAD business school.

Alexey says that he wants to thank two people who really helped him to get admitted to B-school. The 1st is Tom Nastas, Pericles MBA Advisor. Alexey says that Tom did a great job in helping him to express his thoughts clearly and concisely. "I won’t forget Tom's most frequent comment to my essays: 'Alexey, it’s all very interesting, but it has nothing to do with essay question'."

And Alexey's thanks equally go out to Ilya Gusarov, his classmate from Pericles GMAT course and now his friend. Ilya spent many hours to helping Alexey understand himself and clarify his career aspirations.

Alexey is also open for any questions and inquiries from Pericles students who are interested in MBA in general or INSEAD in particular. Alexey can be reached via LinkedIn profile:

We at Pericles are glad to hear that Alexey found help and support from the people he met at Pericles. And this is a lesson for all of us isn't it. As Alexey understands, no one can do it all alone. As you prepare to take steps forward in your career or to make that jump into a Western MBA program, you can and should develop a support group of friends and professionals, and let them help steer you toward your goal.

Congratulations Alexey!

Update, April 30, 2009: We are pleased to announce that Alexey was awarded a 30% scholarship at INSEAD. He is thrilled with what he calls 'a great help' from INSEAD, and he again wishes to thank Tom Nastas for all his help!

Update: October 09: Alexey was awarded yet another scholarship--the INSEAD Marguerre Endowed Scholarship(s) for Entrepreneurial Talent. Congrats again Alexey!