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Julia and Peter Byus

Julia Byus and
Peter Byus
are our March 2007 Students of the Month


Julia and Peter Byus:

Julia and Peter Byus, Pericles LL.M. students, are our students of the month in March for an achievment that gets all too little recognition in academic circles. We think you can guess what it is. :) We would like to commend Julia for her perserverence in her studies, and are overjoyed to have her return the LL.M. program. Now that is really an achievement for Julia--out of the hospital and back to Secured Transactions class--because Julia is planning to graduate this summer!

Peter Byus is one of Pericles' first students to take advantage of our "In-utero" scholarship, and our first registrant for LL.M. Class of 2030. Since Julia was taking classes all last semester and this semester while expecting him, he has already learned a lot about international business transactions law (if he was listening all that time). We are told that we have to let him sit the exam so that he can get credit. These credits will be applicable toward Pericles' future LL.M. program in Interplanetary business law (scheduled to launch at our branch campus in the Martian Federation in 2024).

Seriously, though, we all wish Julia and her husband congratulations on their new arrival, and all the best in their future life and careers!