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Student of the Month
March 2003

TOEFL score: 277
GMAT score: 700

Nikolai Dontsov has graduated from Russian State University for Humanities, department of economics, majoring in World Economics and International Business. Since then, Nikolai for more than seven years has been working for the Renaissance Capital Group in at the various managerial positions. His latest position was Chief Operating Officer (COO) in equity product group. Before that he also worked as a Head of Operations and System Development departments.

Upon graduating from B-School Nikolai sees himself coming back to work in Finance Industry ideally in a business division of an international company. Nikolai has scored amazing 700 on the GMAT and extremely impressive 277 on TOEFL (with essay score 5.5). With these results he was accepted to both INSEAD in Fontainebleau and to IMD International in Lausanne.

Nikolai tells us that the main factor in his choice of IMD is the quality of the student body. He also likes the fact that it is a smaller program than INSEAD and that the student body is older. Studying with IMD students who average 30-33 years of age, Nikolai, at 27, hopes to gain from the additional experience they will bring to the classroom.

Dear Nikolai, your achievement is so great it is truly hard to overstate. All that we here at Pericles can add to this True Russian Success Story is -«Keep up the good work and May the LUCK be with you at all times!!!»