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Semyon Yakovlev
Student of the Month
March 2002

GMAT score: 710
TOEFL score: 283

March's Student of the Month is Semyon Yakovlev and is a great example of what hard work, a good resumé, and above average GMAT scores can do for you.

Semyon graduated with a law degree from Moscow State University. Currently, Semyon is a Legal Advisor to Golden Telecom, a company that is part of NASDAQ. Since dealing in the business world Semyon has realized that he would like to get more involved in the business aspect and therefore he has decided to pursue an MBA. Semyon then came to Pericles where after studying in our GMAT and TOEFL courses he received a 710 on GMAT and an unbelievable 283 on TOEFL. He has applied to a number of top ten schools and has been accepted to Chicago, and waitlisted by MIT and Wharton. We are keeping our fingers crossed for you. Mr. Yakovlev would like to study finance and strategic management and hopes to get a job in investment in the banking sector of emerging markets. He is also hoping to finance his studies through a number of loans available for international students.

Semyon, Pericles would like to congratulate you on everything that you have done so far and hope that you continue to be as successful as you want!