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Oxana Kuzyaeva
our February 2022 Student of the Month.

Congratulations, Oxana!

"Hello! My name is Oxana Kuzyaeva. I graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2006 and during my career I mostly concentrated on investments and cross-border projects.
It is quite a long and complicated story about my way in the field of American Business Law education. In 2020 I received my LL.M. degree in Global Business Law at Pericles Law Center and in 2021 I received my MJ degree in corporate law at Delaware Law School. I am very much grateful to the dean of Pericles – Marian Dent – who inspired and convinced me to join LL.M. program. It allowed me to make a leap in my career.

The dual program at Delaware Law School is a great opportunity to receive knowledge in the area of American Corporate Law. Now there is a tendency among Russian IT projects to establish business in Delaware because the Delaware Law is the most developed and flexible for these purposes. At Delaware Law School I have received complex knowledge in the areas of compliance, corporate and business law which I am successfully applying in my current projects."

Oxana Kuzyaeva

Oxana is the first student that has completed our dual degree MJ program with Delaware! We are very proud of you, Oxana!