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Maria Kuzmina

Maria Kuzmina

Student of the Month for February 2009


2 years USD Scholarship Winner

Active Jessup Moot Court Supporter

Our new student of the month, Maria Kuzmina, exemplifies the spirit of intellectual striving that Pericles hopes to nurture in all of our charges. 

Maria scored a 115 on TOEFL in her quest to further her education by winning a Muskie scholarship.  This is just the latest in a series of accomplishments that have seen Maria rise, for example, from a member of the Moscow State Linguistic University team at the 2006 Philip Jessup International Law Moot Court competition, to a coach for her university in the 2008 competition, and finally to a judge in the 2009 competition.

Maria’s acquaintance with Pericles did not start with TOEFL.  She twice won the USD Summer Law School Scholarship sponsored by Pericles and USD, and has spent the last two summers studying International Litigation and Comparative Law in Paris and International Environmental Law and International Human Rights in Dublin.

Maria graduated with a Red Diploma from Moscow State Linguistic University with a degree as a Lawyer with knowledge of English, French and Spanish languages.  Her specialization is in civil law, and she’s especially interested in Mergers and Acquisitions.  She participated in a wide range of conferences while at university, and was a member of her university’s Law Society.  During her studies she worked as a legal translator, including doing translations for the Office of the Moscow Prosecutor.

Maria’s plans for the future are to further her education in international law.  While looking to gain experience in the commercial legal market, Maria hopes to one day teach.  Her ultimate teaching goal is to introduce a Comparative Law course which emphasizes the practical side of the differences between the common and civil law systems.

We at Pericles are glad that we had a chance to help Maria on her way, and confident that, with her ambitions, our paths will cross again. We are happy to elect her as our student of the month.