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Craig and Galina Dorais are our February 2006 Students of the Month.



Our Pericles Students of the Month for February 2006 are Craig and Galina Dorais. And what great achievement did they do to warrant the distinction? Well, we suppose you can guess from the photo. We ask you, how often is it that two of our favorite students decide that they are going to marry each other? That is surely a cause for recognition, especially in February, the month of Valentines.

Galina Koroleva and Craig Dorais met several years ago when Craig, who lives in the U.S. in the state of Maine , came to Moscow to study in the University of San Diego Russia Institute on International and Comparative Law, a program that Pericles sponsors. This is a study abroad program in which approximately 20 American law students come to Russia each summer to learn about Russian law and business law relationships.

Galina studied for the TOEFL at Pericles, and took Pericles' GMAT course to prepare for the entrance exam for AIBEc (the American Institute of Business & Economics), which she subsequently successfully entered and graduated from.

Galina and Craig got to know each other in Professor Lissniak's joint Pericles/AIBEc course on business negotiations. We suppose that in the heat of intense negotiations, the heat of intense love also bloomed. But Craig and Galina are both sensible, career oriented people. Galina works as a chief accountant at a large company, and of course it made sense for her to continue her career here in Moscow while Craig finished his Juris Doctor and his Masters in Computer Science in the United States . So, well, we just wish we had bought stock in Craig and Galina's favorite airline, because their frequent tickets back and forth certainly added to the flier's bottom line.

Finally, Craig is finishing up his studies and is sitting this month for the Patent Bar Exam in the U.S. so that he can enter the lucrative field of U.S. patent law. So it was time for them to tie the knot.

They got married at Wedding Palace #4 on January 20 and had a fun cross-cultural reception, at the Pineapple Restaurant, full of mixed American and Russian wedding games. We were especially honored that Craig and Galina asked Professor Lissniak to be a witness at the wedding!

Craig plans to seek a patent law job as soon as his bar exam is over, and then, unless he happens to find a job in Russia , Galina will move to the United States with him. So soon it will be her turn to study to get her CPA or other U.S. accounting certification to help her transfer her career abroad.

Dear Craig and Galina, We wish you all happiness and success in your future together!

Your friends at Pericles American Business & Legal Education Project, and Marriage Agency:)