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Vladimir Averbach is our February 2004 Student of the Month

He scored a 730 on the GMAT this winter!!!

Vladimir Averbach is our choice for this month's SOM. His score on the GMAT this Winter was, as is always the case with our best students, in the 700 range. This high-achiever is determined, as he puts it, to "continue my education and pursue an MBA at a top B-school [...] in order to achieve my goal of becoming CEO of a Russian R&D company." Vladimir's journey has taken him from Voronezh State University, where he graduated as a physics major with honors, to Moscow where he now works for a private telecom company as head of a research lab. In between, he has successfully completed an exchange year at Union College in the U.S. where he says adapting to the different cultural environment was even more daunting than keeping up with the high academic achievements for which he's always been known.

But this particular experience has expanded this young techie's horizon and given him the tools necessary to effectively and successfully function in the demanding and multicultural world of the high tech industry.

Vladimir now has his Ph.D. in physics and is well on his way to becoming a corporate honcho and industry mover. For six years now, he has been designing "algorithms that eliminate severe electromagnetic interference in communication networks using frequency planning." Pericles is high on the list of those Vladimir considers instrumental in helping him move closer to his stated goal. Since his enrolment, he has demonstrated an unflinching determination to learn and a seemingly unending enthusiasm for participating in every considerable extra-curricular activity at the school.

With his 730 score and such skills, it is only a matter of time before Vladimir finds himself in an MBA class at Harvard, Stanford or any other of those top B-schools. We certainly will be hearing from him.