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Kamilla Ishmatova is our January 2024 Student of the Month.

Congratulations, Kamilla!

Hello, my name is Kamilla Ishmatova. I am so honored and happy to be named as the student of the month.
I Have completed half of my LLM in the Pericles. It has been a unique and enjoyable experience. I find the courses very interesting and fruitful in many aspects, mostly because they are practice oriented and I can apply the obtained knowledge in my work.
I want to express my highest appreciation to the Pericles team and professors for their professionalism, support and dedication to their work. You help not only to obtain a deeper knowledge of international business law, but also motivate students for personal growth and bigger goals in a friendly atmosphere surrounded by like-minded people.

We are proud to announce Kamilla Ishmatova as our student of the month. She currently works as the head of the legal department of a major chocolate factory in Russia, and has previously worked for the Ministry of Justice and in the private sector. Despite her busy working schedule, she attends classes in person, and she is able to consistently finish near the top of her class in the LL.M. program, in which she has completed half of the classes. Kamilla's professors appreciate her diligent efforts and smiling participation in class.

Congratulations Kamilla! We are proud of your hard work in the classroom and wish you the best of luck as you complete your LL.M. degree at Pericles.