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Roman Solovyev
our January 2022 Student of the Month.

Congratulations, Roman!

"Hello everyone,
I am Roman Solovyev. Currently, I am a lawyer at an investment firm based in London. I graduated from Moscow State University (Faculty of Political science) and got a master’s degree in law at Higher School of Economics (Master program for Corporate lawyer).
Last fall, I commenced my LLM Program at Pericles. Although I have passed just two courses here, I find them quite helpful in my day-to-day activities in my firm. At least, my colleagues noticed that I improved my writing skills.
I know it’s just the beginning of the long way to complete the LLM Program at Pericles and I am looking forward to acquiring new knowledge and skills here. In addition, even in this time of COVID, Pericles is a great networking place where you can meet up with your former or future colleagues."

Roman Solovyev

Roman has just completed his first semester of the LLM program and received top grades in both of his required courses, Legal Writing I and Intro to American Law. Keep up the great work, Roman!