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Sonya Taycher-Rivkin
Student of the Month
January 2003

GMAT score: 690

Pericles is now starting its fourth year of picking "Student of the Month." Every January we try to pick a very special student to start the year off. A student that has been successful both in their studies and in their careers. Once again we have picked a student like this, Sonya Taycher-Rivkin, a student who clearly stands above the crowd and we would like to congratulate her for everything she has accomplished.

In 1997, Sonya Taycher-Rivkin graduated from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology where she received a degree in Economics and Management. Since graduating she has worked in 3 different countries. Her jobs have included working in a bank for 2 years and now Amdocs for the past 3 years. However, like all of our students Sonya felt a need to further her career opportunities so she decided on an MBA. This is when she came to Pericles and after our course she scored an astounding 690 on the GMAT. Now that she has finished this she is hoping on either getting into INSEAD, LBS or IMD. All very good choices!

After graduation Sonya is hoping to either continue working in the HighTech sector or switch to Finance. And since she has experience in both sectors the choice may just come down to her.

Sonya we would like to wish you and all our students, family and friends a Happy New Year and Merry Russian Christmas, and we would like to say that we are extremely happy with your success so far and hope that you will always be successful in whatever you do.