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Maxim Litvinov
Student of the Month
January 2002

GMAT score: 690
TOEFL score: 260

First of all the staff at Pericles would like to wish all who visit us a Happy New Year. And we hope that this upcoming year is just as good if not better than last years successes. As for our Student of the Month, well it is the beginning of the year 2002 and this years January Student of the Month is starting the year off on a high note. I would like to introduce to you Maxim Litvinov, who has been selected as Pericles' first Student of the Month for the year 2002. The reasons for his selection are many and I would like to share a few of these.

After graduating from Peoples Friendship University, Maxim, became a Marketing Manager for a company that sold printing equipment. However, like many the crisis took its toll and this is when Maxim opened his own company "Office Comfort" which sells office furniture for pubic organizations and corporate clients. What started as a small company eventually grew into a 30 employee operation. Now, like so many others, Maxim felt that it was time to receive more knowledge about business, especially as his company continues to grow. This decision led him to the idea of getting his MBA from a Western University. And like so many that have come before him Maxim came to Pericles to study for the GMAT exam. After taking our course Maxim received a 690 on the GMAT, a score higher than the average. And although he did not take our TOEFL course we would also like to mention that Mr. Litvinov also received a 260 on the TOEFL exam with a 5.5 on the essay.

Since taking the exams, Maxim, has applied to 7 top universities, and has already received acceptance letters from Duke and IESE (Where he could use his Spanish). He is currently waiting for his acceptance letter from Wharton, which we are sure will come soon. In addition to his success so far on trying to enter business school, and his success in running a growing company during one of Russia's worst economic times, Mr. Litvinov is a devoted family man. In 3 months Maxim is expecting his second child and plans on taking his wife, new born, and six year old daughter with him while he studies for his MBA (should be a nice experience for the whole family).

Maxim, for all you have accomplished and for all you future successes we, here at Pericles, would like congratulate you and wish you a Happy New Year. We also would like to wish you success in everything you do.