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Meet the Fall 2019 Raffle Winner:

Margarita Klementeva, Russian School of Private Law

Everyone who visited the Career Day at HSE in Moscow on Oct 31 had a chance to take part in a free course raffle at the Pericles' stand.

We are happy to present Margarita Klementeva, a student of the Law Faculty of Russian School of Private Law, who is entitled to take a free legal course at Pericles!

Im Margarita Klementeva, a law student of Russian School of Private Law. I did a four-year degree in law school of National Research University Higher School of Economics this year. 

Today its difficult to imagine our everyday life without studying foreign languages, especially English. The corporate world consider English as an important criterion for selecting a successful candidate. Because effective communication is the means by which business processes keep working, communicating in English is a must. 

In short, companies want people who can basically read, understand and speak in English.  You can increase your marketability by learning how to converse in English fluently.  If you want to stay ahead in the game, you will need to increase your English skills. 

Thus, spoken English opens up new possibilities with which you can advance in your career.  

Margarita Klementeva

Congratulations Margarita, and we look forward to seeing you at our Legal English course soon!



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