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Overview and Practical Use

with Professor Demos Katsis

Call for more information 495-649-2273

Update: March 25, 2022: Due to travel difficulties, the current course will not be in person but will be available only synchronous online.

This is a one credit course in the Pericles LL.M. program. The course is offered on a credit/no credit basis.  There is no exam.  Credit depends on attendance and preparedness.

Anglo Saxon trust law, and the trust laws of those countries that arose from English legal roots, are at the heart of the international wealth management industry today.  A trust in an Anglo-Saxon based legal system—a fiduciary structure where assets are transferred to a trustee for handling --can help your clients preserve their wealth while giving them great flexibility over the management and distribution of assets.

This system, used as long ago as medieval England when knights sought to provide for their families as they went off to fight the crusades, has grown into an extensive body of protections developed through common law cases and modern statutes.  Yet this structure is rarely understood by Russian lawyers.  This course seeks to remedy that.

The first two thirds of this short, 12 hour, course will introduce principles of Anglo-Saxon trust law,  its origin, its distinctive characteristics, and its categories. Major fundamental principles of English Trusts Law and English case law will be explained. The last third of the course will deal with trust laws of other jurisdictions, such as Cyprus International Trusts Law and Panama Private Interest Foundations, which are an alternative to Anglo-American trusts, as a means of protecting assets and how  such  types are used in worldwide asset management and tax planning.  

For a more detailed syllabus please contact Pericles and we will email it to you. 7-495-649-2273.